Power Of Attorney

Be it known that I *************** the undersigned residing at????????? ************ do hereby grant to ****************** Attorney in Trinidad & Tobago full and sufficient Power of Attorney to act on my behalf or its name and behalf or jointly, separately, or alternatively and to apply before the proper Authorities for the purposes of registering my rights, title or interest and to which end he is empowered to take all necessary steps before the said Authorities for the aforesaid purpose; to file applications and renewals; to prepare descriptions, make protests and declarations; to pay taxes; to justify exploitation and uses; to request testimonies and documents; to receive documents; to file appeals and withdraw them; to collect and pay any sums of money; to make, accept and subscribe assignments, changes of name, mergers,licenses; to file for the revocation of any administrative act; to oppose and protest against any applications which, in the opinion of the Attorney, may cause confusion, or in any other way prejudice the marks, trade names, patents, industrial models or copyrights of the Grantor; and to do all and whatever all be necessary before any administrative authorities, for the accomplishment of this mandate. They are authorized to substitute this Power of Attorney either wholly or in part and to revoke such substitutions. They are further authorized to appear at Courts as plaintiff or defendant before the competent Judges, Tribunals and the Supreme Court of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago with power to compromise, submit to arbitration, relinquish collect; to file any appeals, ratify actions, initiate and answer judicial actions before the Supreme Court; to initiate cancellation actions against any applications or registrations, to answer or counterclaim; to grant or demand securities; to file notices of lis pendens and injunctions; to deposit bonds; to attend hearings, to handle rogatory letters and court orders; to file exceptions and incidents and to desist from them; to file petitions and documents; to present witnesses and other legal evidences; to file or answer bills of complaint; to file and produce evidences ;and to execute whatever actions, measures, and steps that are necessary for the thorough accomplishment of the present mandate.

Sworn to this day of ,1998 )

at )

Before a Notary Public.