Procedure In Proceedings In the Courts

51. (1) The procedure regulating the making of
references and applications to the Court, and proceedings before the Court arising out of the jurisdiction conferred on the Court by this Part, and as to the fees chargeable in respect of those proceedings shall be-prescribed by Rules of Court.
(2) The Court may order that the costs or expenses of any proceedings before it under this Part which are incurred by any party shall be paid by any other party and may tax or settle the amount of any costs or expenses to be paid under any such order or direct in what manner they are to be taxed.
(3) Where-
(a) the Court makes an order by way of determination of a dispute referred to it pursuant to section 52, the Court may, in its discretion, direct that the order shall have effect retroactively to such date as the Court specifies; but no order shall have effect from a date prior to the date on which the dispute was formally referred to the Court.
(b) the Court fixes an amount of equitable remuneration or compensation pursuant to paragraph (b) of section 50, the Court may also give directions as to the method and time of payment and may stipulate such other conditions of payment as it considers reasonable.

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