Caribinfoaccess has now managed to compile a database covering the past 30 years of Trade Mark applications in Trinidad and Tobago. We are working backwards to complete the project to the year 1955 when the TM Act was enacted here. This would be completed before the end of August, 1998. This database makes our charges for Trademark searches very competitive.

 Additionally Caribinfoaccess has also launched a Trade Mark Watch Service. Any Trade mark Attorney or the owner of a Trademark can now submit their Trade mark to us. If that is in digital form the merrier. We undertake to inform the owner or his legal representative of any potentially infringing applications within twenty four hours after its is published here in Trinidad and Tobago.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of this attractive and compelling business offer.

There is only a nominal annual cost to assist to cover administrative expenses of running this service to the business community and IP practitioners worldwide. However, if there are any long distance communication charges requested by you or your client you are expected to reimburse us for such charges to meet any urgent request. The advantages of this are many, both in terms of peace of mind and knowing that you have us watching if someone wants to steal your rights. This will also help to avoid high litigation fees to protect your rights.

 As you may be fully aware Trinidad & Tobago has a modern legal regime that provides the strongest protection to intellectual property in the English speaking Caribbean.

 As you may be aware also Caribinfoaccess is an information provider that is also part of a network of Patent and Trademark agents and competent IP Attorneys on all aspects of IP laws and practice and litigation in the Caribbean and Guyana,South America. It has extensive global links.

 For further information please feel free to write, email, fax or call.

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